About A Perfect Fitt

The mission of A Perfect Fitt is to help uplift each and every client physically and socially. Our vision is an activity center, focused on individuals located in and around Orange County, California.

A Perfect Fitt, will be a place where our members can go to release energy, increase coordination and enhance social skills. In addition to being a place for our members to come and participate in a multitude of organized physical activities, most importanly they’ll be in a comfortable environment.

By working with various programs such as day programs, schools, government, and private programs, as well as the parents within the Autistic community can utilize A Perfect Fitt. A place where parents can bring their children or relative to be around others with the same objectives, where agencies throughout Orange County and surrounding counties can take their clients, instead of taking them to the mall or taking them to the park. After working with individuals with Autism who have serious barriers, it is obvious that there is a need for some type of service of this kind. A facility that thrives off of physical activities in both children and adults.